Our aim is to keep the VOLVO 240/260 series on the road.

We are the VOLVO 240 IG Interest Group which was founded in Bülach, Switzerland, on January 26, 2000. It is a non-commercial body, without general assembly, board and rules. There are neither entry nor membership fees. We only have a list of members, featuring the type of model(s) they own.

The aims of the VOLVO 240 IG are :

    • to take care of the Volvo 240 models and keep them on the road
    • to assist in supply of spare parts at interesting conditions
    • to organise meetings and outings in Switzerland to build up human

team spirit.

    • to participate in different Volvo events
    • to share experience at regular get togethers in the Zurich area
    • to maintain contacts and links with other VOLVO clubs.

If you are a driver of a VOLVO 240/260 series car or just a VOLVO fan we invite you to get in touch with us at


or fax 

++41 1 810 82 24

In adding your e-mail on the NetMind list, you will be notified of the changes on our homepage.